The links provided here are to expand upon or otherwise supplement the main topics discussed in Life Traces of the Georgia Coast, which are: the Georgia coast; ichnology; science education; and paleontology. I have attempted to include sites that mostly educate and inform, while avoiding sites with overtly commercial purposes.

Georgia Coast

Further information about the ecology, geology, and natural history of the Georgia barrier islands.

Cumberland Island National Seashore (National Park Service)

Fieldtrip: A Wildlife Field Trip to the Coast (by Richard J. Lenz)

Georgia’s Barrier Islands (Georgia Department of Natural Resources)

Lower Coastal Plain and Barrier Islands (The New Georgia Encyclopedia)

Ossabaw Island (Ossabaw Island Foundation)

Paleontology of the Coastal Plain Province (The New Georgia Encyclopedia)

Sapelo Island National Estuarine Research Reserve (NOAA and Georgia DNR)

Sea Turtles: Georgia’s Coastal Treasures (by Michelle Stripling)

Secret Seashore (Georgia Public Television)

Skidaway Institute of Oceanography University of Georgia Marine Institute

St. Catherines Island Sea Turtle Conservation Program (by Gale Bishop)

The Flora and Fauna of the Barrier Islands (by Tricia Gallup)

The Georgia Sea Turtle Center, Jekyll Island

The Least Tern: The Barrier Islands’ Canary in a Mine Shaft (by Leara Rhodes)

The Natural History of the Georgia Barrier Islands (by Taylor Schoettle)

University of Georgia Marine Institute, Sapelo Island

Wassaw National Wildlife Refuge (Fish & Wildlife Service)


Further information about the study of traces, including both modern traces (neoichnology) and trace fossils (paleoeichnology). This list is divided into sites intended for general audiences (General) or more specialized (Academic) readers.


An Overview of Dinosaur Tracking (Glen Kuban)

Bear Tracker’s Den (Kim Cabrera)

Following the Tracks of Ichnology (David Bressan)

Ichnology: The Study of Tracks and Traces (Ewan Wolff)

Ichnology: The study of tracks, trails, footprints and other animal traces

Identifying Animal Tracks (Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management)

Identifying Animal Tracks: The Tracking Funnel (David Moskowitz)

Introduction to Ichnology (Emory University)

Tracks and Sign Guide (BioKids)

Tracks, Trails, & Footprints (UC-Berkeley)


Continental Ichnology Research Laboratory (Ohio University)

Dinosaur Tracks and Trackways (University of Bristol)

Ichnology Research Group (University of Alberta)

Memorial University (Newfoundland) Ichnology Research Group

Sed-Trace: Applied Sedimentology and Ichnology (Jean Gérard)

The Triassic-Jurassic Footprint Project (Emma Rainforth)

Trace Fossils (Kristian Saether and Christopher Clowes)

Types of Ichnofacies (University College of London)

Environmental and Outdoor Education

Further information related to learning more about environmental science, with an emphasis on outdoor learning and resources related to Georgia.

Altamaha Riverkeeper (Georgia)

Animal Tracks of Florida, Georgia & Alabama

Center for a Sustainable Coast (Georgia)

Coastal Wildscapes (Georgia)

Environmental Education Alliance of Georgia

Environmental Education in Georgia

Georgia Conservancy

Georgia Outdoors (Georgia Public Broadcasting)

Georgia Science Teachers Association

Georgia Wildlife Federation

Georgia Wildlife Web (University of Georgia Museum of Natural History)

Scats and Tracks of the Southeast


The Paleontological Society

Society of Vertebrate Paleontology

The Paleontology Portal

Paleontology (American Museum of Natural History)

Paleontology (National Geographic Society)

Fossils and Paleontology (U.S. National Park Service)