One thought on “Public Outreach via Ichnology: The Prelude

  1. I find this very interesting and disturbing. Especially when you have Coursera and the other players in the online education revolution in position to eat away at the already failing tenure track and the whole big-box education institution. I’m always trying to tell young people not to plan to make any kind of living from books, something I know a lot about. The floor has come out from under that gig, too, though there’s a conspiracy of silence around it. I don’t know what in the world someone should do who is planning a career. I say hooray for the science popularizers. Those of us who know nothing can misuse and misinterpret what scientists tell us. I think of the horrible misuse of quantum physics by people in the New Age movement, and the use of “intelligent design” by people with science credentials who have a religious agenda. A program, even just a website, about how no-nothings like me who are nonetheless interested in science can be of more help than harm–that’s needed!

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