About the Book

Life Traces of the Georgia Coast (Indiana University Press) is a book that opens up your eyes and mind through the science of ichnology, the study of modern and fossil traces made by plants and animals. With 692 pages, it contains 11 chapters, 137 black-and-white figures (photos and original illustrations) and 34 color photos, most of which were done by the author. Each chapter begins with a narrative story inspired by traces on a Georgia barrier island, followed by detailed descriptions of the traces and tracemakers, aiding readers in their diagnosis of this unseen behavior. Life Traces of the Georgia Coast also tells how paleontologists interpret behaviors from the ancient past by comparing these modern traces to similar traces preserved in the fossil record, and how geologists use trace fossils to discern environmental change in earth history. Life Traces of the Georgia Coast is written with enthusiasm, verve, and humor, providing readers with an enjoyable overview of the plants, animals, and ecosystems of the Georgia barrier islands.

Life Traces of the Georgia Coast is now available here from Indiana University Press in either hardback or e-book, or can be pre-ordered from Powell’s, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon. The book will also be featured at the “New Arrivals” table at participating Barnes & Noble bookstores in Georgia from January 15-28, 2013.